Take good care of your car during the winter - and the rest of the year

Dancover is the leading expert when it comes to storage and cover solutions - including your car, motorcycle and other vehicles. Imagine that your car, motorcycle or other mean of transportation would be nice and dry in the morning when you are going to work - or any other time you want to use it. Dancover offers a wide range of storage solutions for your car, motorcycle, caravan, mobile home, boat and other vehicles you want to protect from rain, snow, dust, falling leaves, bird droppings and the small scratches and dents you often get when parking in public places. You can choose from the following storage solutions for your car, motorcycle and more. Please contact our Experts if you have questions regarding the optimal storage of your car and more - we have the best solution for you!

garage solutions


Dancover FleXgarage - our new and innovative folding garages

As the latest addition to the Dancover innovative line of high quality storage solutions, we offer you our new folding garages, FleXgarage. You can have a both stylish and durable garage for your car, motorcycle or other vehicle, which is easy to mount, use and move. The folding garage is easy to dismount and store when not in use. Enjoy having a nice and clean car etc. in the morning when going to work - or anytime you want to use your vehicle. Inside the folding garage, your car is well protected from the elements and you do not have to worry about rain or snow, falling leaves, bird droppings or the small scratches and dents you often get at parking lots and other similar places. You can assemble and place the folding garage almost anywhere you normally park - at home, at work or, somewhere else.

folding garages


Portable garages and multiGarages for storing almost everything

Our classic portable garages for storing everything from garden machines, bicycles, cars and motorcycles to caravans, boats and more. Our portable garages provide a sturdy, durable and affordable solution for storing almost anything. The strong galvanised steel-frame and durable waterproof canvas provide you with a reliable storage solution for many years!

portable garages


FleXcarcovers - the elegant solution

Give your car the optimal protection in this flexible, elegant and innovative indoor car cover. The height is adjustable, a strong PVC floor is included, and the cover is specially designed to be connected to a dehumidifier in order to create the perfect climate inside for your precious vehicle. Store your car visibly and in style with this unique car cover.



Carcoon and Bikebubble - top of the line storage

The most elegant and efficient car storage solution on the market - also available for motorcycles. Do you have a vintage car or just a car worth protecting optimally - this is the solution. Carcoons and Bikebubbles prevents dust and moist as they have a built-in ventilator securing the perfect climate inside.

carcoons and bike bubbles


Car covers and caravan covers - simple and affordable

A very simpel and affordable way to protect your car or caravan is with a car cover or a caravan cover, which will protect you vehicle from rain, snow, UV-rays, bird droppings and more. The covers are water-resistant, breathable for minimal condensation, and easy to put on and take off.

car covers


Metal garages - the safe and durable storage solution

A sturdy and durable storage solution for your car and more is our ProShed metal garage with large double doors securing an easy access to the garage. The garage has a strong steel frame, great ventilation, and a sliding bolt lock. Suitable for your car, motorcycle, small boat and much more.

metal garages


Tarpaulins - largest selection on the market

Dancover has the largest assortment of tarpaulins on the market - at very competitive prices. You can have the light PE tarpaulin for the trailer or light cover solutions up to our heavy-duty PVC tarpaulins for professional use. At Dancovershop.com, you can see the many different colours, sizes and qualities.



Carports - sturdy and classic storage

The classic and maintenance free way to keep your car well protected from the elements - keep your car out of the rain, snow, hail and UV-rays. With one of our carports, you will get the most elegant solution. Our carports are easy to assemble and will stay the same for years due to the powder coated frame made of steel and aluminium.



News from Dancover

Dancover has one of the largest selections of tarpaulins on the market - and now we have added a brand new type of heavy-duty and translucent tarpaulin - our tarpaulin Extreme PE 250. The extremely strong multi-layered heavy-duty translucent tarpaulin is perfect for multiple covering and storage purposes - especially suited for covering and protecting 'odd' shaped objects like e.g. boats. The translucent material makes it possible to work on the boat etc. while covered by the tarpaulin.

translucent tarpaulin


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